National Cuisine

The Azerbaijani cuisine is one of the most interesting and exotic cuisine in the Orient. Dishes of the Azerbaijani cuisine reflect historical traditions, national taste and manner of living; first records of the Azerbaijan cuisine go back to ancient written manuscripts, it is mentioned in the travel sketches of researches and travelers.National Cuisine

Any experienced gourmand visiting the republic would be amazed by fine taste and delicateflavourof the Azerbaijani cuisine. Dishes are unique and original, and cannot be confused with dishes of other national cuisines. The Azerbaijani cookery has preserved old cooking methods although has modified them taking into account up-to-date techniques.

Variety of dishes, superfluity of meat, fish and vegetable viands flavored with fragrant greens and spice make the Azerbaijani cuisine incredibly useful and tasty.

In cafes and restaurants some national dishes are served in special crockery in which the dish is prepared.