Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan and far and away its biggest, brightest, liveliest and most cosmopolitan city situated on the western shore of the Caspian Sea at the Absheron peninsula.

From simply geographical notion such as "West of Caspian”, "South of Absheron”, "East of Transcaucasus” Baku grew into a complex, multi-faced, unique and full of contrasts megapolis with more than 2 million population.


Baku is the largest port in the Caspiansea and is the city through which the legendary Great SilkWay passed.

Baku also is a powerful educational center of the Republic and the focus of Azerbaijan science.

Baku is honored and happy to receive the numerous visitors who flock to it, attracted by its unique position and varied architecture, its cult of poetry and music and, of course, by its people.

Visitors to Baku are sure to find good friends who will be delighted to show them round the streets and boulevards, the medieval walled city and the derricks of the oldest-known oil-fields in the world. They will be introduced to the classicalmugamsinging popular in Azerbaijan and to the niceties of the local cuisine. They will be taken to see the prehistoric rock-carvings in Gobustan and, by way of contrast, the modern offshore oil platforms, to mention just two out of many other fascinating sights.

Students’ community of Baku has the opportunity to live full vivid cultural life, visit numerous theaters, concert halls, museums and exhibitions.

Photos author: "Baku Media Center"