Apsheron Peninsula where Baku is located is standing out for higher average annual temperature and lower amount of precipitation. Average annual temperature of the air in Baku is 14.4 C. On the number of clear, less cloudy days Apsheron holds the first position in Caucasus, and on the amount of precipitation the last position.

The climate in Baku is dry and subtropical, of a Mediterranean type. The long summers are dry and hot, beginning in May, and lasting until the middle of September.

The average daily temperature of the hottest period in July and August reaches 26'C. In autumn, the heat of the summer subsides, and warm, dry, balmy weather sets in. Winters in Baku are soft mild, with an average temperature in January of 3-5'C. Winters are often without snow or frost with a few sunny days. However, with strong winds from the north, even a small drop in temperature is noticeable, and these winds are an important element in the life of Baku.