About us

The International Relations Office (IRO) was established in 1991 with the objective of establishing and nurturing the development of the international affairs of the University. Underpinning our objective are the following aims:

*To improve the quality of education delivered by Western University;

*To ensure the comparability and quality of our courses in accordance with the standards and frameworks operating within the Bologna process;

*The development of academic curricula in accordance with international standards;

*Enhancement of the quality of teaching and means of programme delivery

IRO is directly responsible for the delivery of many of the actions directly connected with the strategic objective of Western University.All international activities of the University are carried out by the IRO. The broad range of activities undertaken by the Office includes the following:

*Recruitment of international students;

*Developing international partnerships with Higher Education Institutions in other countries:

-student exchange/study abroad under the Erasmus student mobility programme

-developing and operating admissions, progression and articulation agreements

-staff and student mobility opportunities

-development of double degree courses with international partners

*Active participation in international projects that enhance the international profile of the University, offer opportunities for our students and staff and support the strategic aims of the University;

*Recruiting academic staff from overseas;

*Arranging conferences, workshops and symposia with an international theme and/or for international audiences;

*Advice and welfare for international students and staff;

*Advice on student/staff exchange programmes, continuing education abroad, opportunities for joint research projects.