International Partnerships

To date Western University has taken part in a number of international projects and programs that, as a result, enhanced its academic programs, strengthened its position in the academic world, and created favorable conditions for its further development.

See a list of our partners we collaborated with in the past:


- Paris Sorbonne University (France and UAE);

- University of Business and International Studies (Geneva, Switzerland);

- Coventry University (UK);

- Povoljsk National Technological University (Russia);

- Oslo Univesity (Norway);

- Erasmus Mundus program.

- International Visegrad Fund


- Jiangnan University (China);


University of Kansas (USA);

Misisipi Valley State University (USA);

Indiana University of Bloomington (USA);

University of North Alabama and Delta State University (USA).

Partnerships under TEMPUS, TACIS and REAP projects:

Kent University (UK);

The Nottingham Trent University (UK);

University of Siegen (Germany);

Amsterdam University, Maastricht School of Management, Boggart Training Institute and Royal Tropic Institute (Holland);

Queen Margaret University College (Scotland) Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland) and The Hague Hotel School (Holland);

Calderdale College (UK);

ABA/CEELI-USAID sponsored Legal Education Reform Project.

New Partnerships -2016

- A member of the World Intellectual Property Organization Depository Library Program;

- A member of Education Principles for Responsible Management program;

- A member of Virtual Institute of UN Conference on Trade and Development.