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Student Services Centre

Welcome to the Student Services Centre!

The Student Services, also known as the Careers Centre, was established during the academic year 1999/2000. Western University has secured a grant of the Eurasia Fund with the purpose of establishing a student centre for internship and career placements, facilitating student-university relations and providing a range of services that are highly required by the students at all levels of their university studies.

What we do

The Careers Centre at Western University will help you make decisions and plan the next steps towards a bright future. From finding work or further study to working out your interests, skills and aspirations, we can provide you with necessary advice and guidance.

How we can help you

Our CareersStaff will give you the right advice to help you succeed in taking steps towards your desired future. The services we offer to help you include:

- Drop-in service - Discuss with an expert what you need help with, this could be from CV checking to what to do next after your degree.

- Career events - We host a variety of workshops, fairs, presentations, employment conferences, information forums, networking events and other events to enable you to meet with local and national employers and learn key skills to enhance employability.

- Mock Interviews - Got an interview coming up but not sure how to prepare? We can give you a trial run and provide you with feedback to help you succeed on the day.

- Information Resources - We have a wealth of information at the Careers Centre to assist you with your job search.

- Internship opportunities - The Centre is a link between students and future employers. The Career Centre acts as a placement centre for undergraduate and graduate students who are undergoing their internships in government, law, private organizations, embassies, international bodies such as UN, World Bank and OBSE.

Prospective employers contact the Centre to discuss their personal needs, including job descriptions, tasks to be accomplished, employment dates, and work schedules. The Centre’s staff refers eligible students who meet both the academic requirements and employers' criteria.

During the internship period, a student's ongoing supervisor, who is appointed by the respective university department, contacts employers regarding each student's assignments, attendance and work performance.

Upon completion of the internship the student will be required to make a formal presentation to the University Internship Commission. The presentation combines research about the field where the student worked and his/her personal impressions.

Contact us:

Tel: 012 492 74 18