The Western University Sport Club was founded in 2004/2005 by its founder Professon Husseyn Bagirov. The Club serves the needs of many stakeholders including the employees, students of the WU and the pupils of the school attached to WU. A primary aim of the Club is to provide students and staff with the opportunity to engage with sport and physical activity in a fun and friendly environment. The University Sport Club is an active supporter of social initiatives directed to the development of physical health.

Main tasks of the Club are:

- organising sport events for employees and students of WU

- training of the University team and members of the Club at a district, city, republic and international competitions

- Developing the Club’s technical base

- Raising social activity of the WU staff

- Spreading propaganda of healthy life style across the University

- Financing sport events

The activity of the Club is coordinated and directed by the administration of the WU. The Club is one of the founders and members of the Extreme and Air Sport Federation. The teams and the members of the Sport Club were prize-winners at the city and republican tournaments in several kinds of sports.