The 1st Azerbaijani Expedition to Antarctica!

December 2008- January 2009


The Azerbaijani Antarctic Expedition Team, headed by the Founder, Honorary President of Western University and Professor H. Baghirov, having left Baku on December 12, 2008 arrived at the Chilean station Patriot Hills on December 30. The first expedition team from Azerbaijan to Antarctica has planted the flag of the country along with a bronze gilded discus on the Mount Vinson and on the South Pole. One side of the bronze discus portrays Haydar Aliyev, the National leader of Azerbaijan, with the engraved words "I am proud of being Azerbaijani”, while the other side has an image of the President of Azerbaijan Ilkham Aliyev with engraved words "Azerbaijan, ahead with Ilkham”.

The First Azerbaijan Scientific-sports Expedition to the Mountain Mass- the Andes

January 2010

Under the direction of the Founder, Honorary President of Western university and president of Air and Extreme Sports Federation of Azerbaijan- H. Baghirov the first Azerbaijan scientific-sports expedition to the mountain mass- the Andes (Argentina) has finished their work, successfully having accomplished all tasks in view. The members of the expedition have lifted the national flag of the Azerbaijan Republic, a pendant with words of the Azerbaijan state national leader of H. Aliyev "I am proud that I am Azerbaijanian”, and also a pendant with the image of the president of the Azerbaijan Republic- dear sir I. Aliyev and words "Azerbaijan- Forward with Ilham toward new peaks!” to the top of Aconcaqua (6962m). At the top there are also transporants with words "2010- year of ecology in Azerbaijan for the sake of the green world” in Azerbaijani and English languages.

First Azerbaijan Expedition to Kilimanjaro

August 2010


On August 10, 2009 under the leadership of the Founder, Honorary President of Western University- Huseyn Baghirov the first Azerbaijan-Africa Expedition took direction from the Arusha city of Tanzania to the highest Peak of the Kilimanjaro mountain Uhuru. The Expedition has been implemented under the slogan "AZƏRBAYCAN yeni zirvələrə doğru İLHAMLA irəli”. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain of the African continent and is located in the north-east part of Tanzania, But, Uhuru peak (5895m.) is the highest point of the Kibo volcano in Kilimanjaro Mountain, which is also one of the highest "Seven Summits” of the world. While Kilimanjaro Mountain is close to the Equator, a person reaching the summit can feel all kinds of climatic conditions existing in the world.

Western University Sport Club "Heydər Zirvəsi" 2011