"Azerbaijan has played an important part in the pre-history of the Nordic people. May the national interest in preserving the human future succeed!"

Tur Heirdall

I have been involved with Western University for four years. Since my first introduction to the rector, Professor Hussein Bagirov, and his faculty, I have found the experience exciting and motivating. West-ern University is at the forefront of vacationer-oriented education in Azerbaijan and it has established a reputa-tion for producing a quality graduate. The University has also established an international reputation through a number of joint ventures with reputable universities in Europe and America. Their agreements allow for exis-tence of faculty and students to further enhance the education experience at Western University. I am assist-ing in the development of a center of excellence for university level training in hospitality and tourism management funded by TACIS. This can be first program of this nature in whole of the Caucasian region and it is fitting that it is being introduced into such a forward looking establishment as Western Univer-sity.

Professor Ian Buick 

Director of TACIS/WESTERN project

"I am pleased to comment on my teaching experience as an American Fulbright Scholar at Western Uni-versity, Baku. In Fall and early Winter 2003, I was extremely fortunate to teach three leading-edge inter-national business law courses for first degree and postgraduate students. The experience was remarkable in every way. The students were articulate and highly-motivated, the law faculty was supportive, and the university's key administrators most notably the Rector, Vice-Rector/Science, deans, and principal mem-bers of the International Relations Department -- were always accessible, energetic, receptive to new edu-cational ideas, and personally interested in my general welfare. Moreover, I would be unfair to not ex-press my deep appreciation to Western University' s Scientific Council. Indeed this is perhaps my fondest experience as an academic"

Prof. Norman Gregory Young, Fulbright Scholar, 

Honorary Professor, International Business & Economic Law, Western University

Western University in Baku has brought a considerable contribution to the development of a new, west-ern-oriented didactic system in Azerbaijan. The University has promoted advanced teaching methodolo-gies designed with the active assistance of foreign teachers and with the enthusiasm of a group of Azeri professors, who have initiated an intense cultural and academic dialogue with several foreign universities.

Soon after being established, Western University has become a simulating force in theAzerbaijan aca-demic life, complementing the valuable activities of state universities; a catalytic pole for several cultural energies in Azerbaijan from different sectors, a forum for free thinkers united by the same commitment of re-launching Azerbaijan onto the international cultural scene as well as absorbing into Azerbaijan the best of foreign experiences.

As such Western University is serving an important function of incentive for a broader cultural debate on the future of Azerbaijan, disseminating those cultural and ethic values which are part of the most authen-tic traditions of this country; values that we hope will continue to be a firm source of inspiration for the young generation which will take Azerbaijan into the year 2000.

Paolo Lembo 

United Nations Resident Co-ordinator

Western University — is the prototype of a new kind of the educational institution and research center, which provides harmonic student training and posses professional knowledge and experience of modern international management and which has sense planetary citizenship. Students of Western University are leaders of future world.

Alekperov Urkhan Professor 

the member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan

Western University is really one of the cultural centers. While attending here it seems that you really are in a western university. The students’ high educational and cultural levels can also evaluate the Univer-sity. I’ve never seen such good high spirits and motivation for study that we see here in any other educa-tional institutions.

Ayaz Salayev (Azerbaijan) 

film-producer and film critic

It has been most rewarding to teach at Western University where many students are learning many lan-guages at the same time.I am really impressed with the number of technical facilities available at the university.The University has well established links with other reputed universities abroad and is in the process of becoming accredited to a few of them.The courses offered enable the students to work in all fields of highly sophisticated enterprises.

Nasrin Boroumand (Great Britain) 

Visiting lecturer of the English Department

"British Airways is the company providing services worldwide with its conservative standards and strong pro-motional work – we need people who can combine local mentality with perspectives of the firm. Elnara was one of the employees who contributed to the development of BA in Azerbaijan, developing and growing market. We could see that Western University provided her with knowledge, and understanding of management and business."Fuad Karimov is just a person the firm is looking for, because of his ability to corporate in teamwork and earn respect of the clients. He speaks two foreign languages and that enables him to communicate with our clients from different countries, strength the position of the firm in travel service business. Western University provided him with education for successful start in growing business of Azerbaijan.

Fuad Karimov 

International Management alumni of Western University

"Most of the graduates of Western University work in large companies in Azerbaijan as well as in state bodies. I can be sure about my future and this feeling of confidence in our miserable time is important"

Elnara Kurbanova 

Alumni of Western University

I can say only warm words about WU. In the course of instruction of teachers rendered all sort of assis-tance to us, shared there experience and helped to analyze problems for different aspects. Teachers’ indi-vidual approach in teaching process provided instruction to be more democratic and lively. I think West-ern University will pursue its successful work. Required by the time new courses are introduced in the syllabus. Cooperation with foreign universities and teachers’ initiatives accelerates the development of this process. I strongly recommend Western University students to make their best of opportunities avail-able at the University on maximum scale. Because a successful career comes form good education.

Mahir Aliyev - WU graduate, UNOPS (UN, Geneva, Switzerland) 

Ecological Programs Department Manager

"Having accomplished 11th grade in the USA throw exchange program on return to Azerbaijan I wished to continue studying in English. For this reason I chose WU. It’s noteworthy that the University Fee Pay-ment System Allows to fully or partially indemnify the students who have has high marks in admission exams and those with best results at university. This chance I’ve been enjoying these 4 years has been an important motivation for me"

Anar Janmammadov 

Alumni of International Law

Educational achievements of a university are estimated according to the quality of its graduates. WU can be proud of its contribution to the solution of the quality specialists training problem. High quality knowledge and skills provided by WU enables its graduates to continue their study at the leading uni-versities in the USA and Europe, as well as to participate in a wide range of international conferences and competitions and obtain remarkable result.