Scientific Bulletin

Western University "Science News" magazine is beingpublished since 2011." Science News" magazine's " Humanitarian sciences " and "social and technical sciences " is available. Throughout a year 4 numbers of the journal arepublished. Articles are published in Azerbaijani, Russian, English, German, French and other languages.

Articles about science is accepted to the Western University "Science News" magazine. Articles should be in the humanitarian, social and technicalcontents. Articles shoul meet thefollowing requirements:

1.The author's name, surname, father's name, place of work, scientific degree, position , e -mail address should beclearly written.

2.The article font size should beTimes New Roman12,but not less than 5 pages.

3.The article title, author's name should be written in three languages ​​.

4.Summary and key words should be written in three languages

5.According to the literature,references in the article need tobe recorded along with the pages.

6. The relevance of the article and the current scientific result should be noted.