Football Team

Football in Western University is more than 17 years old. Due to interfaculty and inner competitions on mini-football more capable players were chosen, who defend the honor of our university in various contests.

Since 2008 a football team was formed which took place in the tournament dedicated to Haydar Aliyev’s 85 th birthday anniversary.

Basketball Team

The basketball history at Western University began in 1996. This was the first basketball team comprised of only students to participate in student championships, Baku city championships and other tournaments.

In 1999 Western University authority made a decision to reinforce the team by developing the directions having been started. Then E.Jusubov and R.Huseynov, which were the key players in their clubs taking the leading positions in Azerbaijan championships, were invited to work with basketball team as players and coaches.

In 1999 the team participated in Azerbaijan Championship and Student League games where it took the 2nd and 3rd places accordingly. It was a good result and it only whipped up the guys to new work. The next year 2000 was the time when success was attained — it was the second place in Azerbaijan Championship. But the year 2001 became indeed "gold” for the team: the 1st place in Student League, the 1st place in Baku city Championship, and the most important the1st place in Azerbaijan Championship.

In the summer of 2001 for the first time in the history of Azerbaijan basketball the combined team participated inEuropean Championship. Three players from Western University team E.Jusubov, R.Huseynov and E.Iskenderov were representing Western University. It would be interesting to tell about "old inhabitants” of the team, which areSafaraliyev Teymur, Beybudov Timur, Odjadov Ibrahim and Jafarov Maggeram. These players have represented the team from the day of its foundation potential.Djabari Elchinwas invited to the team in 2002 and he successfully joined the group.

In February 2002 the team passed the first stage in Azerbaijan Championship and gained 4 victories in its sub-group. There are also 2 stages left: one in April and the last — final in June. The younger generation of players such as Kazimov Emin, Gadjiyev Orhan did their best in these games.

Best achievements:

2001- The Champions of Azerbaijan among male club teams

2002 - The Champions of Azerbaijan among Universities

2003 - The Champions of Azerbaijan among club teams

2004 - The 1st place at the Republic championship among Universities

2005 - The 1st place in Azerbaijan championship

2006 - The Champions of Azerbaijan among Universities

2007 - The 2nd place at the Republic championship among Universities