Western University

is pleased to announce vacancies for following teacher’s positions.

Chair on English Language and Literature

1.English language

2.History of English language

3.Seminary of English language

Chair on Translation


2.Computer translation programs

3.Translation studies

4.Translation styles

Chair of Azerbaijani language and literature

1.Azerbaijani language and speech culture

2.Ancient Turkish Language

3.Latin language

Chair of Economics

1. Economics

2. World economy

3. International business

4. Professional activity

Chair of management


2.Hotel economy

3.Business rehabilitation

4.Risks and their management

5.Creative and Innovation Management

6.Tourism statistics

Finance and Accounting chair

1.Financial Markets and Institutions

2.International markets

3.Price and Appraisal

4.Modern problems of finance

5.Financial problems in BIM

6.Management accounting

Chair on Political Science and international relations

1. History of political exercises of Azerbaijan

2. Ethno-politology

3. The basics of the national security of the Republic of Azerbaijan

4. Demographic Policy

5. Sociology

6. Conflictology

7. Main directions for the independence of Azerbaijan

8. International Political Conflict

9. Great Britain in international relations system

Chair on History and Philosophy

1. History of Azerbaijan

2. Philosophy

3. History of Asian and African countries

4. History of Turkish nations

Chair on Pedagogy and Psychology

1. Brain, psychic, mental development

Chair on Architecture

1. Architectural constructions

Design chair

1. Material, technique and technology

Chair on Computer Science

  1. Fundamentals of programming
  2. Analysis and development of algorithms

Requirements for candidates:

- Work experience on the relevant field

-Ability to use innovative and modern methods in workshops

- Proper and timely preparation of documents related to educational work

- Ability to work in a team

- Desirable academic degree in the relevant field

- Knowledge of English and Russian is desirable

Interested persons are kindly requested to send their CV to