The Training Center

The Training Center is an important unit of Western University. The Center provides high quality training courses to

·business organizations, including small business companies, with which will assist them in identifying, analysing and solving their business needs and problems, as well as enhancing the decision making process and helping them stay competitive on the market.

·individuals in a range of professional areas that will help them improve their work or academic performance and advance their career to the next level

It is our strategy to be alert to constantly evolving needs of the business world in order to be able to promptly respond to any request from the commercial market.

With the constantly changing needs of Azerbaijan's business and organizational community, Western University keeps abreast with the needs of the business world by continually updating the skills of its training and teaching staff through international and nationally based training and education programs, and by participating in national and international seminars and conferences.

To enhance the quality of training, we do our best to provide real exposure for the students by continually inviting foreign specialists to conduct classes and to support the learning process by modern facilities. The Training Center has more than 20 special classrooms, including two Conference Halls of 30 and 100 seats, respectively.

The Center is equipped with a wide range of technical equipment such as overhead projectors, audio and visual materials, a large screen, modern "Multimedia” computers and a large number of CD-ROMs for languages, business, finance, management, win-tutors and other interactive computer programs.

The Training Center has been awarded contracts to train the employees of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic, AIOC, the Council of Businessmen of Baku and other public organizations.