Western University offersa Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) across 8 fields.

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree is the highest academic qualification available at Western University. A PhD degree involves original and sustained research under academic supervision and demands considerable intellectual ability, academic rigor, self-discipline and dedication. You will be supervised depending on your chosen area by the experts in their field.

Currently, a number of PhD studies are supervised by Dr. Mario Moya - an academic with extensive experience in the field of English Language and English Language Teaching.

Studying for a PhD provides you with a unique and exciting opportunity to explore a research topic in depth. Alongside with your PhD studies you will learn relevant research and professional skills. The expectation will be that you take the initiative and form your own ideas whilst being guided and supported by your supervisory team.

Currently the University offers a PhD degree in the following fields:

- System Analysis, Management and Data processing;

- Internal Fiscal Policy and State Finances;

- World Economy;

- Germanic Languages;

- World Literature;

- International Relations;

- Technical Esthetics and Design.