The students' trade - union organization

Chairman STUO is selected on general meeting from among students by a show of hands voting. Chairman and members STUO are involved in all public activities of university and take an active parting them. STUO organizes activities for students to increase their cultural level.

Members of STUO meet on monthly sessions to discuss the problems of the organization and also to discuss the trainings for students and their public life at university. In order to increase the efficiency of STUO mission, the members of STUO discuss the results of the sessions with faculty members and search ways to solve problems. STUO organizes activities to increase students’ interest in sports. With this objective SPUO uses every possibility to arrange participation of students as observers on the games of Western University’s basketball team a basketball in the republican championship. Students groups created by STUO visit orphanages and children’s homes and help them by financial and moral contribution when possible.