Professor of Western University held research at the Harvard University

Professor of Western University held research at the Harvard University

Professor of West University, Doctor of Political Sciences Vesile Hajiyeva held a research at Harvard University. Vesile Hajiyeva had researched the subject on "US policy concerning Azerbaijan in the context of a changing regional and global situation" in one of the world's most influential universities during half year.

The researcher expressed her impressions to the media on following way:

"Harvard University is not just an simple university. It does not compare with anything. This university creates criteria and standards at the academic level. Being in Harvard means own of all the information in the world through books, magazines, articles, and archives. In many respects, it can be looked to any state. However it also looks like an iceberg. Each faculty of the Harvard has a more potential and opportunities than any university. It is intermingled with the state and society. Professors’ staff of Harvard is active in activities of all many public organizations and in White House as well. They are involved into projects of other countries and governments. This provides to benefits of all actors: Harvard, its professors, the state and the society. I can talk about it for hours and these are just a drop for what I do not know about this university for instance about benefits of this university, its system, its relationship with the world and the US society, the great opportunities created for its astounding conditions, material and moral support, research’s possibilities and its benefits, about the international intellectual environment, students, alumni, teaching principles, scientific-research centers and etc.”.

Vesile Hajiyeva shared her views about West University.

"Western University is one of the first universities in Azerbaijan that pays great importance to international experience and benefits from internationally experienced professionals, even though I would say the first one. Modern and highly qualified staff is the soul of this modern-day university and the international experience of its staff is a symbiosis of its development. This is the basis of the university's fundamental philosophy”.