Western University's name has changed: Western Caspian University

Western University's name has changed: Western Caspian University

Western University takes steps to adapt the structure of the to the modern university structure.

At present, consistent measures are being taken to strengthen the infrastructure and material and technical basis of the university. There are established modern, unique laboratories in different spheres and this process is still continuing. At the same time, consistent work is being done to update the teaching methodology and bring it to the highest international standards. The position of the Board of Trustees of Western University is the university should be not only the leading university in the country and become the leading university in the region.

The University has increased the number of specialists of the current academic year by about two times and reached 36. Taking into consideration the increasing number of students, the annual education fee has dropped to 50 percent. This was a very important decision in terms of accessible quality education.

Continuous innovative innovation, projects, high-quality education for young people, Western University, which has been selected by international programs, have expanded these ties, gained access to new collaborative platforms and diversified their partnerships.

Thus, there was a natural need for the rebranding of the university, which expanded and expanded its activities and content. Western University will operate with a new name to symbolize transition to the new qualitative stage, and to promote international recognition of Azerbaijani and its values, including the historical and geographical name of the region: Western Caspian University.

The aim is: to succeed in future career based on multicultural and national values, up-to-date technologies, standards, and to train professionals with expertise and leadership skills in business, management and other areas.